If you have information on a wanted felon, call the confidential tip line and provide the information. You will not be asked to leave your name, but will be given an access code. If your tip leads to the arrest of a wanted person you could earn up to $1,000. Call the tip line the following week and give your access code. You will be informed if your tip leads to the capture of a wanted person. If it has, you will be told how to collect your money over the phone.


  1. Call 888-498-STOP (7867)
  2. Click here to submit online


After you’ve completed one of the three options above, you will receive a special access code. Wait one week and call the tip line again to see if your tip led to the capture of a wanted person. If so, you will receive instructions on how to collect your reward.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.47.04 PMIT’S ANONYMOUS – AND IT WORKS!

Due in part to the success of Valley Crime Stoppers, it has become much harder for dangerous criminals to hide in our valley. Most people now know that if they have information on a wanted felon, they can provide confidential information and possibly even earn a reward. But as much as they know about the basics of Valley Crime Stoppers, many don’t understand how it all works.

The first step is having the various law enforcement agencies, such as the Fresno and Clovis Police Departments, Fresno and Madera County Sheriff’s Departments and the California Highway Patrol, generate a list of criminals they’re having trouble tracking down. Part of the list may include high-profile bad guys, while others may simply be criminals who are hiding out in the community. The law enforcement agencies then give the names, pictures, and crimes to the various media partners, including KSEE 24, CBS 47, The Fresno Bee, Cumulus Media, Univision Radio and Jeffrey Scott Agency.

KSEE 24 and CBS 47 periodically produce reenactments that air on a weekly basis. The particular reenactments are selected by law enforcement and typically address “hot spots” within the community. KSEE 24 also profiles one “most wanted felon” and one “arrest of the day,” five days per week. Additionally, KSEE 24 runs Public Service Announcements as space allows and tags every crime-related story with the “498-STOP” number.

The Fresno Bee regularly runs half-page ads profiling 20-30 of the area’s most wanted, and occasionally runs full page ads when there is a particular need. Cumulus Media runs audio of reenactments and constantly promotes the 498-STOP number on its KMJ,KISS Country, MEGA 97.9, and Y101 radio stations. Univision Radio has recently come on-board with Valley Crime Stoppers and uses its stations to reach the previously underserved Spanish-speaking members of the community. Jeffrey Scott Agency handles the Valley Crime Stoppers website, along with the print ads, collateral pieces, and production for all major (and many minor) media campaigns.

Once community members hear and see the criminals and the pleas for help through the various media channels, they can send tips to Valley Crime Stoppers by calling, texting, emailing, using the app, or by plugging the tip directly into the website. The most important thing at this point is that all tips are confidential. Even if Valley Crime Stoppers wanted to learn the identities of the tipsters (we don’t),
the way the tips are handled makes it impossible to learn their identity.
The tips that come in to Valley Crime Stoppers are then sorted and dispersed to the law enforcement agency that is investigating the crime — or the agency that has jurisdiction, in the event that the crime has not yet been investigated.

When a tip bears fruit and a crime is solved or a wanted criminal is arrested, the tipster may then be entitled to a reward. As is the case when tips are first taken, the collection process is again confidential — ensuring the safety and continued cooperation of the individual.

It’s no surprise that with cooperation between our law enforcement agencies, media partners and citizens, Valley Crime Stoppers has taken a bite out of crime. Valley Crime Stoppers has received national recognition as a shining example of cooperation centered on one shared goal: keeping our community safe for honest citizens. Criminals are finding out what we’ve known for a while — when our community comes together, they’ve got nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide!